Need it Done?

My name is Vince and I am A Handy Guy. If you need it done and dont have the time to do it yourself, I’m the guy for you. I do anything from uncloggin drains to building that deck you always wanted. Mabe you dont want to sit and watch someone else do it, mabe you just need an extra hand to set those patio pavers. I offer tax free labor at a flat rate per hour. Doing the dishes? wheres your wedding ring? It’s not in the pea-trap below the drain is it? I do that too. Lets say you need a lock replaced, you have the time just dont know how. Give me a call, not only will I come change the lock I’ll teach you how. Now why would I do that? Because I’m a down home community Guy. This company believes in the betterment of the community that surrounds it. It doesn’t matter what the job, it’s not too small or too big.

No Job too Small or Odd